manual change adapters

ATX Austauschsatz

ATX replacement kit MEWK with protective cover
ATX replacement kit with vacuum hood and TOP contacting unit
Structure diagram exchange kit


Engmatec Euro- interchangeable set adapter
Engmatec Euro- change adapter with LED TOP query via camera

Ingun MA 260

Ingun MA260 incl. ATS 260

Ingun MA Serie 20xx

Ingun MA series are suitable for programming and contacting for manageable quantities

Ingun MA Serie 21xx

Manual interchangeable test fixtures are available in different sizes
Ingun MA2112-S7 basic adapter for ATS2112 exchangeable cassettes
Special wiring with additional electronics
Here you can see our Ingun ATS 2112
Ingun ATS 2113 with fully utilized work surface
Here you can see our Ingun MA2112 with ATS 2112