Quality inspires us

For more than 30 years, we have been successfully working on optimal, technical and economic solutions for our customers in the field of adapter construction. By continuously optimizing our processes, we are able to ensure our high quality standards and sustainably satisfy our customers.

Our internal quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and is checked in regular audits by independent consultants.

Our quality goals
  • Clarity in organization and process
  • Goal-oriented work and action
  • Promotion of competence and sense of responsibility
  • Continuous improvement process of the company performance (CIP)
  • Offering services that fully meet the ever-increasing quality standards of our customers
  • Precise adherence to required process and product specifications
  • Recognition of sources of error and opportunities for improvement
  • Avoidance of errors, especially repeat errors
  • Quality-related cost optimization for service provision
  • Compliance with legal and technical regulations
Quality assurance, planning and development
  • Continuous contact with customers and suppliers
  • Business and QM evaluation in the course of the management review
  • Regular internal and external audits incl. neutral monitoring audits
  • Quality-oriented employee selection and ongoing staff training
  • Quality assurance and control before, during and after service provision
  • Maintenance and functional checks of the equipment and machines used
  • Careful selection of our product and material suppliers in compliance with our customers’ quality agreements
  • Controlled management of documents, data and quality records in terms of security and traceability
  • Procedures for early error detection and error prevention (in the sense of a continuous improvement process (CIP))