Wiring work

Peter Kokott – founder of Adapterbau Kokott – played a leading role in the development of automatic wiring machines more than 30 years ago, which were used for HP3070 test systems, among others. Today, the Kokott team still relies on semi-automatic wiring – when it makes sense and is effective. After all, not every adapter architecture is suitable for automatic wiring. This is decided by our technical staff depending on the degree of complexity.

Whether semi-automatic or manual wiring, what counts is a flawless end result. And here we rely entirely on our highly qualified team, which not only performs functional tests, but can also interpret functional test plans and correct them if necessary. With us, wiring and thinking are automatically linked. Because experience pays off.

Or as Jochen Kaiser, test engineer at Siemens Healthineers, puts it:

“Our contacts at Kokott have a complete understanding of adapter construction because they read into a project and understand the overall concept of the adapter.”

We want to grow and are looking for you to strengthen our team!

Kokott Adapterbau is looking for support in the areas of industrial mechanics and electronics. We act globally and think regionally. Help us to develop exciting solutions for the future.