SPEA 3030

SPEA 3030

Inline adapter Spea 3030 in absolutely stable and precise aluminum / ESD design
Contact sleeves and spring contact probes set automatically and logged with absolute accuracy
On request with guided adapter pressure plate ( ADP ) For exact needle hits with pads smaller than 0.8mm
Inline adapter Spea 3030 hold-down with TOP contacting
Inline adapter Spea 3030 TOP and BOT
Precise guides and high quality material selection Enable precise contacting
Contact sleeves and spring contact probes set fully automatically


Unterteil Prüfadapter BZIF 3600
BZIF 3600-14 für Spea ICT/FKT Testsystem
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VA 2040

Vacuum adapter including wiring removed
Pressure plates manufactured specifically for the test specimen, to minimize distortion of the specimen under test.